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GY-6000 multi-channel physiological recorder


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GY-6000 multi-channel physiological recorder

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  GY-6000 multi-channel physiological recorderUsage:

  Used for treatment of cardiovascular disease, such as coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, congenital heart disease

  The equipment creatively combines Electrophysiology Recording , hemodynamic monitoring system, built-in Programmable stimulation system, with Cath lab management system as a perfect integration.

  The device also can integrates those image parameters of relevant interventional equipments, namely RF ablation system, imaging system and 3-D navigation & mapping system.

  It supplies a comprehensive solution for clinical cardiac catheter interventional technology with its complete functions and efficient workflow.

  Signal Acquisition Processing System

  Functions of TRIG Automatic Marking and Comparison of Activation Sequence

  Ø Specialized in the study of mapping EP features in the accessory pathway and dual- / multi-pathway

  Ø The ablation target site can be located professionally and quickly

  HOLTER Retrieval Window

  Ø Powerful real-time / non real-time retrieval

  Ø Survey all the relevant parameters conveniently

  Ø Master details accurately

  LOG Holographic Data Management

  Ø Automatically record all data and information of the whole procedure

  Ø Data can be automatically categorized for retrieval according to marked events.

  Ø During the course of real-time mapping, it can be automatically managed and categorized at any time that waveform, research, detection and activation.

  Built-in Programmable stimulating System

  Ø Realize discretional channel stimulating and pacing signal output in intracavity

  Ø Realize negative scan in S1-S5 interval respectively

  Ø The interface directly provides emergency pacing mode and tachycardia termination mode

  Ø The discretional switch mode of mouse can quickly realize automatic storage and retrival.

  Management System in catheter lab

  Ø Managed objects of the system includes usages of routine materials and medicines (input, output, accounting, statistics) and patients.

  Ø The system supplies you with comprehensive and systematic management, namely, process, medical research, statistics.

  Ø The equipment can liberate you from the management of complicated data and information

  Ø The equipment can improve the medical scientific research productivities of catheter lab

  The Operation Report Templete

  Ø The professional and powerful report templete can help doctors analyse patient's conditions

  Ø The system supports different report modes: operation report, PPT and so on

  RF Ablation System

  Ø The "three-in-one" function (RF, electrophysiology and built-in stimulation) is firstly created in China, and is advanced in the world.

  Ø Through the operations of the equipment, you can realize that:

  Set RF ablation parameters: temperature, impedance, power, time and so on

  Control the working state of RF

  Directly display the variation tendency chart of ablation parameters

  Automatically store the whole RF course

  Imaging System

  Ø Organically combine image data with cardiac EP and hemodynamic information

  Ø File patient's data much better and more comprehensively

  Ø Supply frame / millisecond support for case analysis and data retrospection during and after the procedure

  Technology Value-added Services

  Ø Huanan Medical Electronics is the only corporation, which supplies you with portable EP Recording System, and convenient service for hospitals, which is currently preparing for performing cardiac interventional procedures

  Ø According to the treatment needs, the EP Recording System can be configured with personalization into the normal control system inside catheter lab, the control system outside catheter lab, and multi-screen academic demonstration system etc.

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